Co-Founder and CTO @ Global Netwatch

Chief Technical Officer / Co-Founder at Global NetWatch, Inc. (2000―2004)

As the CTO and Co-Founder of Global NetWatch, Inc., I envisioned and created a world-class public web and network monitoring system company. I developed software, authored the business plan, secured initial funding, and established the executive team.

Key Achievements:

  • Revenue Growth:
    • Developed and marketed software solutions that increased revenue from zero to $800K.
    • Secured high-profile clients such as Sprint, H&R Block, Yellow Freight, Hallmark, Hibernia National Bank, Allstate Insurance, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance.
  • Industry Recognition:
    • Established Global NetWatch as a top company in the external performance market, defining the industry standard for external performance metrics.

Skills and Technologies:

  • Leadership and Strategy: Envisioning company direction, business planning, securing funding, establishing executive teams.
  • Software Development: Developed world-class monitoring software.
  • Sales and Marketing: Expert sales strategies and capturing high-profile clients.
  • Industry Standards: Establishing industry standards for external performance metrics.

My role at Global NetWatch, Inc. demonstrated my ability to lead a start-up from inception to industry recognition, driving significant revenue growth and establishing a strong market presence.