Enterprise Architect @ Union Pacific Railroad

Enterprise Architect / System Engineer at Union Pacific Railroad (2004―2009)

As the lead architect for the TMI Terminal Systems project at Union Pacific Railroad, I oversaw strategic direction, design, coding, and agile methodology for terminal operations software managing 160 terminals, 13,000 locomotives, and 300,000 rail cars. I led and mentored a team of nine developers and testers, ensuring successful project delivery.

Key Projects:

TMI Terminal Systems:

  • Led a 10-year project managing terminal planning and train building for 160 terminals.
  • Oversaw development, agile methodologies, and strategic direction.

Infrastructure Optimization:

  • Transitioned WebLogic environment to Red Hat Linux from HP/UX, reducing task times from 60 seconds to 6 seconds.

Enterprise Logging - Lumberjack:

  • Developed an enterprise logging system handling 80,000 events per second, supporting up to 10,000 clients.
  • Created a training course for over 1,000 employees.

SOA Service for PDF Invoices:

  • Created a service reducing PDF invoice viewing time from 90 seconds to under 8 seconds.

Performance Monitoring System:

  • Implemented an enterprise-wide monitoring system reducing mean time to resolution by 30 minutes and increasing uptime to 99.9%.

Cost Savings and Developer Productivity:

  • Replaced MKS with Subversion, saving $70K annually and boosting developer productivity by 30%.

Architect's Forum:

  • Contributed to strategic IT direction through cross-functional collaboration.

Key Achievements:

  • Led a critical terminal operations project, delivering innovative solutions and achieving cost savings.
  • Improved infrastructure performance, enterprise logging, and monitoring systems.
  • Enhanced developer productivity and strategic IT direction.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Programming Languages: Java
  • Frameworks and Libraries: Spring Framework, SOA
  • Tools: WebLogic, Red Hat Linux, Subversion, JIRA
  • Methodologies: Agile Methodology

My role at Union Pacific Railroad showcased my ability to lead large-scale projects, implement high-performance systems, and mentor development teams to achieve business objectives.