Owner and Co-Founder @ PMI Yellowstone


PMI Yellowstone


Founded in September 2023

Role: Founder, Technical Leader, and whatever else is needed.

What is PMI Yellowstone anyway? PMI Yellowstone is a full-service real estate asset management company specializing in professional residential services. So, the company manages residential properties, right? Yuck that sounds terrible! Don’t you have to deal with renters and all that paperwork? Luckily, as a family business, we can leverage skills as a team. My wife is the real estate agent, allowing me to focus more on the technology.

Tech in Real Estate?

Not surprisingly there is a lot of tech in real estate. Some of it is Wild West stuff (which is fitting since we live in the actual Wild West.) Firstly, there’s physical and network security concerns. We have to meet franchise, vendor, and state requirements. Vendors such as TransUnion require proper security. We don’t want to get hacked.

Then there are the laws and regulations, both state and local. We have to perform constant research to keep up with the changing landscape, in real estate, in law and regulations, in banking, and on and on.

There are a myriad of SaaS providers who offer renters services, online payment, lead generation, contract management, calendar services, banking services, and more. Many of these services do not integrate well or at all. There’s still a lot of manual process happening.

In short, there are a lot of easy wins to enhance automation, improve integrations, and to overall streamline the process.

Current Projects Underway

Setup Company Network and Establish Security Protocols


There is a need to create a secure and reliable network with proper security.


The company uses StarLink and T-Mobile in a rural setting. These providers will be bonded together, passing through a pfSense or another suitable firewall. All internal systems will have adequate virus and ransomware scanning. The network uses Synology NAS with built-in scanning and backups. Furthermore, all employees use Mac OS with Time Machine backups.


  • Enhanced Security: All data is filtered and scanned as it enters the network, ensuring robust protection against threats.
  • Reliability: Network outages are mitigated by failover capabilities between providers.
  • Data Protection: Data can be restored in the event of a failure in any PC, ensuring business continuity.

Automate Lead Generation Process from Zillow and Others to LeadSimple


Every day across our lead generators new leads appear. These leads need to land in LeadSimple.


Design and implement a workflow engine to pull or scrape leads from the websites we typically look at day to day. This will involve using REST APIs if available or using AI scrapers to gather data directly from web pages. The data must be normalized and sent to LeadSimple. In cases where LeadSimple already has the data, we must perform entity matching and update the data. Finally, a longer-term goal is to evaluate agent actions that can be taken automatically based on lead classification, e.g., when a lead comes in from Teton Village, move the lead to the head of the line.


  • Aggregated Leads: Leads will be collected from various sources and aggregated into LeadSimple.
  • De-Duplication: Duplicate leads will be identified and merged, ensuring data cleanliness.
  • Efficient Management: Streamlined lead management allows for more effective marketing campaigns.

Research Methods to Create Effective Document Search and Document Summaries


As a real estate business, new legislation is arriving almost daily and we receive many documents every day.


Investigate using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to provide searchable documents and using Large Language Models (LLMs) to summarize documents. The project will use Angular as a front end and AWS Bedrock as the backend. Documents will be indexed in Pinecone as the cost-effective solution. Ultimately, the tool will be made available to our business network. The usual disclaimers will apply as LLMs can hallucinate and provide incorrect answers. This project will also investigate guardrails and testing strategies.


  • Efficiency: Reduce the load of scanning through documents.
  • Effectiveness: Gauge the effectiveness of advice from various models.

Automated Synchronization of Bank Accounts with SaaS Tools


When payments are received at a bank, we can get data about the event but not all our tools support automated synchronization.


Design and implement a workflow engine to detect activity in our bank accounts. When activity is detected, we will pull the ACH or NACHA files and automate SaaS tools via REST if available or by agent automation of the SaaS tool web pages. The workflow will be managed as part of an Angular web UI we are creating.


  • Timely Payments: Automating financial operations ensures that tenants are paying on time.
  • Efficient Payouts: Brokers, agents, and property owners get their payouts as fast as possible.

Skills: Attention to Detail · Business Development · MFE · RAG · Program Management · Large Language Models (LLM) · Team Motivation · Communication · REST APIs · Lateral Thinking · Real Estate · Design Documents · Presentations · Business Requirements · Interpersonal Skills · Presales · Presentation Skills · Leadership · Vector Databases · Business Planning