Senior Architect @ OneSpan

Senior Architect at OneSpan (January 2023 – May 2024)

As a Senior Architect at OneSpan, I played a pivotal role in leading major projects and driving innovative solutions. My responsibilities included guiding software development and IT strategy, with a focus on architectural design, UI/UX, and microservice architecture. I collaborated closely with sales, marketing, and engineering teams to achieve business goals and deliver exceptional results.

Global Web Sales Initiative:

I led the creation of a global web sales platform for OneSpan Sign, utilizing technologies like Drupal, Marketo, ZoomInfo, Salesforce, Stripe, React Micro Frontends, Workday, Java, and Spring Boot on AWS EKS. This highly automated platform boosted profits by 40% and reduced costs by 90%, eliminating the need for a third-party fulfillment solution.

Identity Solutions:

As the lead architect for identity solutions, I designed and implemented cross-product identity solutions using Spring Authorization Server, AWS Cognito, and Keycloak. My work included developing solutions and integrations for OAuth2 OIDC, FIDO2, SAML, social integration, federation, and enhanced verification for Spring-based microservices and React UI. This enabled customers to access advanced identity operations with features like passkey authentication, SMS support, and global accounts linked to regional operations.

Additionally, identity solutions were a critical piece of the OneSpan Platform initiative. The platform allows customers to purchase solutions which are subsequently available in a few minutes. The platform tenancy model depends heavily on the identity solution and resulting token flow.

Key Achievements:

  • Delivered innovative identity, platform, and sales automation solutions that improved business processes and user engagement.
  • Demonstrated leadership in architectural decisions and technical strategies.
  • Successfully integrated various third-party tools and services including Open Telemetry and Launch Darkly.
  • Worked with a world-class security team to deliver cutting-edge identity solutions.
  • Led a team to achieve business objectives by researching and selecting vendors for the global web sales initiative.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Provisioning and Cloud: AWS, Terraform
  • UI Framework: Containerized React Applications
  • Database: AWS Managed MySQL, Elastic Cache (Redis)
  • Programming Languages and Frameworks: Typescript, NodeJS, Spring Boot in Java
  • Identity Management: Spring Authorization Server, Keycloak, AWS Cognito

Through my tenure at OneSpan, I demonstrated a strong ability to drive technical innovation and deliver high-quality solutions that aligned with business objectives.