Senior Developer @ Jeppesen

Contractor / Senior Developer at Jeppesen (August 2011 – November 2011)

During my short contract at Jeppesen, I developed the domain models for the Digital Flight Bag project and collaborated on building a Java Swing UI under a tight deadline.

Key Achievements:

  • Developed domain model and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) for the Digital Flight Bag project, stored in Oracle Coherence.
  • Collaborated with a team to build a Java Swing UI for the project in about 3 weeks.


  • Programming Languages: Java, Java Swing
  • Frameworks and Libraries: Spring Framework, Hibernate, JAXB, JPA, Mockito, Log4j
  • Tools and Technologies: IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, JDBC, Oracle Coherence, JMS, AMQP
  • Methodologies: Agile Methodologies, OOAD
  • Other: RESTful WebServices, Enterprise Data Modeling, Technical Standards, Project Implementation

My time at Jeppesen demonstrated my ability to rapidly develop complex domain models and user interfaces, ensuring timely project delivery under challenging deadlines.