Software Developer @ US West

Software Developer at US West Security Division (1999―2000) / MAXIM Group Consulting to US West (1997―1999)

As a Software Developer at US West Security Division, I developed software for call trapping/tracing, law enforcement liaison, CALEA compliance, and internal security operations. I was involved in various projects including web development and porting legacy applications.

Key Projects:

Legacy System Modernization:

  • Converted an X Windows application into a Windows GUI, reducing the call trapping/tracing team from 50 to 30 employees and significantly improving critical call response times.

Security Incident Management:

  • Implemented SIMA to replace an MS Access application for tracking security incidents, enhancing the ability to correlate crimes and apprehend suspects.

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully modernized legacy systems, improving efficiency and response times.
  • Enhanced security incident management through innovative software solutions.
  • Honored with the COE Award, ranking the ACM Team among the top teams at US West.

Skills and Technologies:

  • Programming Languages: Visual C++
  • Platforms: Windows NT, X Windows
  • Applications: MS Access
  • Development Areas: Call trapping/tracing, security incident management, web development

My role at US West demonstrated my ability to modernize legacy systems, develop critical security applications, and improve operational efficiency.