Solution Architect @ Charter Communications

Solutions Architect at Charter Communications (October 2017 – March 2019)

As a Solutions Architect at Charter Communications, I engaged with various domains to provide design expertise, delivery, and review across the SDLC. I led the blockchain identity initiative and oversaw architecture for Voice, News and Sports, and IoT within Web Portals.

Key Projects:

Blockchain Identity Initiative:

  • Proposed and delivered a POC for a self-sovereign identity solution based on Ethereum smart contracts.
  • Awarded $125,000 to build a new team and implement the solution over 12 weeks.
  • The result was success and the solution was demoed widely around the company.

Voice Architecture Consolidation:

  • Designed a unified Voice architecture for Charter's planned future state.
  • Delivered middleware and consolidation features for Residential, SMB, and Enterprise Voice.
  • Designed and delivered middleware roadmap for Voice Trunking capability.
  • Led containerization efforts on AWS and Azure using Node.js, Spring Boot, and C#.

Spectrum Networks Projects:

  • Designed and delivered the MLB Dodgers Baseball Live Streaming capability, integrating Adobe Experience Manager with iOS and Android applications.
    • Included provider authentication, stream limits, and geo fencing.
  • Implemented SOLR search applications using Node.js and PostgreSQL, and migrated to Kubernetes on AWS and Azure.
  • Built a plan to decompose and containerize large Node.js monolithic applications.
  • Transitioned from custom video processing to AWS Elemental.

IoT Initiatives:

  • Conducted preliminary investigations into Alexa skills.
  • Explored containerization at the edge using Raspberry Pi.

Key Achievements:

  • Delivered innovative solutions in blockchain identity, voice architecture, and live streaming capabilities.
  • Demonstrated leadership in designing and implementing cutting-edge technologies.
  • Collaborated with various teams to drive projects from conception to deployment.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Cloud and DevOps: AWS, AWS Elemental, Azure, Kubernetes
  • Programming Languages: Node.js, Spring Boot, C#
  • Web and Mobile Development: Adobe Experience Manager, iOS, Android
  • Search and Databases: SOLR, PostgreSQL
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Others: GraphQL, Raspberry Pi

Through my role at Charter Communications, I demonstrated my ability to lead complex projects, implement innovative solutions, and collaborate across multiple domains to achieve business objectives.