Introduction to Swagger

Open API is a great standard. I created a presentation to help people understand Open API and Swagger and I provided some examples to get started. This particular REST API had an accompanying Java Spring Boot project.

Fun With Swagger

I hosted a workshop to promote Open API (Swagger).


One of the examples we used during the workshop.


Contract Driven Development

Design First vs Code First

Main Issues with Round Trip Process

  • Generating code from Swagger is challenging.
  • Generating Swagger from code is easier.
  • Swagger authoring can be cumbersome.

Benefits of Swagger

  • Forms the context and contract between components (e.g., UI to Backend, Customers consuming your REST API).
  • Helps to form standards.
  • Enables generation and display of APIs from documentation.
  • Allows easy generation of mock servers.

Symbiotic Tools

Demo Time

  • Demonstration of creating Swagger files.

Generate Swagger from Code

Generate During the Build

Future Plans

  • Save all Swagger files to a common location.
  • Add the Open API plugin to Confluence and host API documents there.


  • Overview of Swagger.
  • How to create Swagger.
  • Using Swagger Hub.
  • Creating contracts between layers/components.
  • Transition from Design First to Code First.
  • Instrumenting your API to generate Swagger.
  • Adding Swagger to the Accelerator collective.