Metaverse in Reality

The metaverse and AR/VR are one of my interests. This deck is from a tech talk I’ve given a few times.


Metaverse in Reality

Has the time for the metaverse come?

Come to Terms

  • AR: Augmented Reality
  • VR: Virtual Reality
  • MR: Mixed Reality
  • XR: Extended Reality


  • 1992: Neal Stephenson coined the term “Metaverse.”
  • 1999: Alice (Alan Kay)
  • 2003: Second Life (Linden Lab)
  • 2007: Project Wonderland (Sun Microsystems)
  • 2012: Oculus VR, now Meta (most successful headset)
  • 2016: Microsoft Mesh
  • 2017: Apple joins with AR advancements
  • 2018: Google’s VR initiatives
  • 2021: Nvidia Omniverse, Meta at WEF
  • 2022: Continued growth in metaverse development

Metaverse Defined

  • A more immersive version of 3D spaces using modern VR headsets.
  • Various ecosystems by major players offering apps and games.
  • Users interact with environments and other users via avatars.

Reality of the Metaverse

  • Exists within various ecosystems like Second Life (1 million users) and Meta’s Quest (10 million units sold).
  • Fortnite as an example with 80 million monthly active users and generating $5 billion per year, functioning as a metaverse.
  • Conclusion: The metaverse is real but fragmented across many companies and ecosystems.

Why Metaverse?

  • Enterprise: IoT visualization, collaboration, training, better remote work experiences, cost savings, carbon emissions reduction.
  • Consumer: New interactions, virtual travel, online communities.
  • Military/Law Enforcement: Training, simulation, remote control.

Key Players

  • Mobile: Apple, Google
  • Headset: Meta, Valve, HTC
  • Legacy: Second Life, Open World Games

Tools for Development

  • MSFT Mesh
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity Engine
  • Blender
  • Adobe Suite
  • Autodesk

How to Start Building Your Own Metaverse Apps

  • Choose your path:
    • Mobile
    • Headset
    • AR Core
    • AR Kit
    • Common Tools: Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya, MSFT AR Foundation, AR Mesh
  • Hardware requirements:
    • PC Workstation: Core i9-12900, NVidia 3080 or better, 64 GB RAM or better
    • For AR Kit: Modern M1 Mac
    • Preferred graphics: NVidia over AMD Radeon, though Radeon 6000 series cards are acceptable.


  • Major players: Meta, Google, Apple, Microsoft, legacy gaming companies.
  • Pick an ecosystem and start creating AR/VR apps.
  • The metaverse is here, spanning various ecosystems and technologies.
  • Nvidia as a key enabler.

Q&A Panel