Project THELMA


Sample Portfolio Project THELMA.docx

THELMA intended to help people with chronic conditions by identifying trends and triggers that aggravate or alleviate symptoms. THELMA would:

  • Remind you to check-in.
  • Provide 1-Step Check-in capability.
  • Allow expanded check-ins to document additional information such as stress level, changes to medications, and other potential factors that you agree to report on.
  • Gather information (in the background - no manual entry) that may correlate to flares (aggravated symptoms) including weather and exercise data.
  • Provide reports and charts with actionable data about your individual trends and triggers.
  • Pool together anonymous data to determine larger trends and triggers that can be used by the healthcare industry.

I acted as architect for the project and produced the above document in 2017. The UI was produced by a team of volunteers and a couple of data scientists helped craft the backend data store in MongoDB. We typically used MongoDB for this type of work as it was amenable to prototypes. This is a good example of my design style.