I'm a seasoned, customer-driven software and systems architect with over 20 years of experience in designing, engineering, implementing, and supporting robust software systems. Known for my innovative and collaborative approach, I excel in leading high-performing technical teams, setting strategic directions, and managing complex projects. My career is dedicated to crafting innovative products that delight customers and solve real-world problems.

With a strong foundation in Linux and Java, my technical expertise extends to architecting scalable and user-friendly product systems, integrating advancements like AI to enhance capabilities and productivity. I thrive in collaborative environments, leveraging diverse perspectives to fuel creativity and innovation.

As a skilled leader and motivator, I enjoy mentoring and teaching, ensuring that the software architecture aligns with user needs and business goals through agile methodologies. I am adept at collaborating with business leaders to deliver on objectives, presenting technical strategies and solutions with compelling ROI, and possess exceptional public speaking and presentation skills. My goal is to partner with or build teams passionate about leveraging technology to create impactful products.

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Advisory and Owner Roles

Owner and Co-Founder @ PMI YellowstoneCo-Founder and CTO @ Summit Code Works

Full Time Roles

Senior Architect @ OneSpanDirector of Architecture @ Cognizant Accelerator StudioSolution Architect @ Charter CommunicationsLead Developer @ Hitachi Insight GroupConsultant Engineer @ DELL EMCSenior Developer @ JeppesenSoftware Architect @ Air Force Weather AgencyEnterprise Architect @ Union Pacific RailroadCo-Founder and CTO @ Global NetwatchSoftware Developer @ US WestSoftware Developer @ Prism Resources